Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

High Impact Presentation

Effective leaders communicate with impact and confidence.

Effective leaders need to master the basic functions of management: leading, planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and communicating, and the last one is key to drive engagement and inspiration toward their team.

A leader will need to unlock the secrets for effective presentation and impactful speeches.

 The High Impact Presentation course focuses on structuring an effective presentation that builds credibility, enhances your client relationship and clearly conveys the concept. You will explore the optimum use of voice and gesture to create a lasting impression – as well as a variety of presentation styles, ranging from a formal speech to a casual meeting or contentious conversation.

During the course, you will be given multiple opportunities to develop and practice innovative presentations. You will be videotaped, evaluated and mentored until you have achieved the goal, the ability to deliver a masterful presentation.

Learn How To:

  • Communicate with clarity and confidence
  • Convey complex material directly and simply
  • Demonstrate unfamiliar information expertly
  • Project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility
  • Overcome adverse situations
  • Lead effective Q&A sessions 
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